ECHOES ON AIR 23.9.2018 23:03 CET

September 05, 2018

ECHOES ON AIR 23.9.2018 23:03 CET

curated by Mani d.o.o.
in the context of
Echoes from invisible Landscapes, a smaller scale cooperation project
co-funded by the EACEA with the kind support of the Alp-Adriatic Alliance

ECHOES ON AIR is a live simultaneous radio network project that will be broadcast in realtime on four major national radio stations (ORF, HRT, Radio Slovenija ARS and Radio Serbija / Radio Belgrade 3). Associate radio stations that will broadcast the stream and / or document the event include Radio Agora (AT), Usmaradio (IT).
ECHOES ON AIR is part of the Alp-Adriatic initiative Echoes from Invisible Landscapes, a smaller scale cooperation project co-funded by the European Union.
ECHOES ON AIR is an artistic and cultural bridge, built of sonic particles from across the region in all its linguistic, musical and historical diversity, bringing the region together in a large-scale radio event with broad audience outreach.
ECHOES ON AIR is both a metaphor and a phenomenon. The Alp-Adriatic region is made audible in a collaborative live radio event, bringing together regional partners and their trans-disciplinary expertise.
ECHOES ON AIR was developed by Mani doo (Istria). Project partners are project leader Enterprise Z (Styria), the University of Klagenfurt and Wieser Verlag (Carinthia) and Zveza Mink Tolmin (Slovenia).

In each of the four studios, one artist will be performing and one artist will be mixing the live broadcast. The performances will be sent via live stream to each of the other participating studios. The live sounds will be mixed with the incoming signals from the other 3 studios. The mix of these four channels is broadcast to listeners. Four different versions of the same piece emerge, simultaneously, in the ether.


Vienna ORF, Elisabeth Zimmermann (editor)
Live music Tibor Szemzö, Mixing Andrea Sodomka
Pula-Zagreb HRT Bruno Krajcar (editor)
Live music Mia Zabelka, Mixing Zahra Mani
Ljubljana ARS Gregor Pirs (editor)
Live music Samo Kutin, Jure Tori, Mixing tbc
Belgrade Radio Belgrad 3 Ksenija Stevanovic (editor)
Live Music Thomas Köner, Mixing Svetlana Maras
Radio Agora Angelika Hödl (editor)
Usmaradio Roberto Paci Dalo (editor)

View Press Sheet here Echoes On Air

ALARM! 22.9.2018, 5 pm

September 05, 2018

ALARM!    22.9.2018 5 pm Hrelji 45, Zminj, HR
A reflection on Echoes from invisible Landscapes

co-funded by the EACEA Creative Europe programme (smaller scale cooperation projects) with the kind support of the Alp-Adriatic Alliance

Art, culture, performance, sound and language have the power not just to reflect society but also to instigate change and thus to shape it.
Europe in 2018 is far from the liberal role model many want it to be, and thought it was.
Society is fragmented and fundamental principles of living together in a respectful and democratic, diverse and shared community are being called into question, indeed undermined.
Fear-mongering and ignorance in the face of human need are being imbued with political acceptability as right-wing nationalist parties are elected into governments across Europe.
The flood of migrants, whose reasons for fleeing their countries are often rooted in Western colonial exploitation and failure to help in time, is seen as a threat.
Threatening, though, is the separation, the “us – and – them” mentality, the endorsement of differences in rights and privileges based on where you were born.

ALARM! The evening and its underlying concept are a reminder, a discourse, a call to the most basic elements of humanity and society.
The situation we are in should not be marked by political preference or allegiances but by the most basic, fundamental facts of living together that make society possible.

ALARM! Art, culture and discourse can and do instigate change. As practices and platforms, individual instances of creativity with broader resonances, they can reflect, distill, formulate and emanate not just their immediate context but also collective histories and future possibilities.

ALARM! The evening will commence with a reception, followed by a podium discussion between Dragica Rajcic and Johann Pätzold, hosted by Colette Schmidt, a cultural journalist who writes for the Austrian Der Standard and lives in Vienna. She also specializes in reporting on far-right extremist movements, human rights and the politics and culture of remembrance. As an author, she is a member of the Austrian theatre collective Theater im Bahnhof. Dragica Rajcic is a Croatian poet and thinker who lives between Austria, Switzerland and Croatia. She writes in the German she learned when she moved to Switzerland; the title of her first published volume of poetry reflects the linguistic and semantic background: Halbgedichte einer Gastfrau. Her work moves intellectually in the frictional space between syntax and semantics, between the expected and the other, between foreignness and the concept of home. Her partially autobiographical writing illuminates the concept of the generality that can grow out of an own trajectory and the shared elements inherent in individuality. Johann Pätzold is a musician and composer and an active member of Sea-Eye, an organisation dedicated to saving migrants from the Mediterranean sea. He worked on a lifeboat and recently published a number of statements online, answering questions posed to him during and after his time at sea. His stories and language reflect the potential brutality in our societies and nonetheless shine with the hope of an absolute imperative amongst some of us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Sandra Kocuvan is an EU project advisor and represents the cultural department of the Austrian state of Styria in its external and foreign relations. She is also a member of the Alp-Adriatic Alliance committee.

ALARM! Art, music, discourse and social change are incredibly broad concepts and the evening does not intend to cover comprehensively any single aspect of any of the greater spheres. The evening brings audiences and participants together in a reflective space combining dialogue and performance.

ALARM! Following the live conversation and audience conversations, there will be a short break followed by musical performances by Tamara Obravac with Uroš Rakovec, Tibor Szemzö, Juri Tore, Roberto Paci Dalo, Benjamin Finger, Mia Zabelka and Zahra Mani.

PROGRAMME 22.9.2018

Podium discussion hosted by Colette Schmidt, journalist Der Standard
Dragica Rajcic, poet
Johann Pätzold, Sea-Eye
Sandra Kocuvan, Land Steiermark Kultur and Alp-Adriatic Alliance

Jure Tori
Tamara Obrovac  & Uroš Rakovec
Tibor Szemzö
Roberto Paci Dalo
Benjamin Finger,
Mia Zabelka  & Zahra Mani
Darla Smoking

ALARM is hosted by Mani d.o.o. in the context of Echoes from invisible Landscapes in cooperation with Klang.Haus Untergreith

Download Press Sheet here ALARM!

Echoes on the Road 18th – 21st September 2018

September 05, 2018

Echoes on the Road 18th - 21st September 2018
curated by Enterprise Z
in the context of Echoes from invisible Landscapes,
a smaller scale cooperation project co-funded by the EACEA

Echoes from invisible Landscapes was launched in July 2016 as an interdisciplinary cultural network spanning the Alp-Adriatic region with curatorial partners from Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.
Enterprise Z invited artists and project participants to collect acoustic “images” from the region and collated them in a sound map, which has been used as the basis for various performances and workshops in the course of the project. The Sound of Europe was conceived as an archive for the acoustic echoes of the region.
Now, approaching the end of the project, Enterprise Z has taken stock of the sonic fragments and is bringing them back into the regional landscape.

On the 18th September 2018, 3 groups of musicians will set off in retro camper vans to carry live resonances of the Alp-Adriatic region through the landscape.
Starting in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, each camper van will visit various public spaces, some of which will be announced and some of which will be spontaneous interventions. The artists on board will play for passers-by, engage in dialogue with people and places, and move on.
The process is an ongoing exchange, a dialogue between sounds and places, and between people. The performances can entertain, irritate, fascinate or instigated questions and conversation.
The project is an artistic journey whose essence is in the process, the travel, the encounters and the landscape.

Austrian camper van
Mia Zabelka, Benjamin Finger, Viv Corringham, Peter Zach
Slovenian camper van
Jure Tori , Darla Smoking Croatian camper van
Zahra Mani , Roberto Paci Dalo

On the 21st September 2018, the vans come together at Hrelji 45 in Istria, where Echoes partner Mani d.o.o. and Enterprise Z will host the artists and visitors in an informal exchange between artists, participants and visitors.

View Press Sheet here ECHOES ON THE ROAD

Echo des Jahrhunderts –
Spuren des Verlusts

June 21, 2018

21. Juni 2018, Burghof in Klagenfurt/Celovec

So lautete der Titel einer Veranstaltung, die am 21. Juni 2018 im Burghof in Klagenfurt/Celovec stattgefunden hat. In einer Montage aus Versen, literarischen Zitaten, Improvisationen und musikalischen Impressionen wird dem letzten Jahrhundert in Bruchstücken aus Wort und Ton nachgespürt.

Textmontage und Sprecher: Lojze Wieser
Musikalische Gegenstriche: Janez Škof, Steirische Knopfharmonika
und Johannes Ogris, Tuba
Gast: Dietmar Pickl
Organisation und Gestaltung: Wieser Verlag

Mitschnitt der Veranstaltung, Redaktion und Schnitt: Angelika Hödl:

Presseartikel in: Mein Bezirk, 16.06.2018

Going Görtschitz

May 13, 2018

An ethnographic-artistic exploration of the Carinthian Görtschitztal
An exhibition at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt,
"Bridge East", April 13th – May 13th, 2018

Opening at the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” 2018 (Long Night of Research) with:
ECHOES WALL: Visitors took their (Polaroid) picture of the Görtschitztal.
Performance by Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka.
On the read-aloud divan: Lojze Wieser was constantly reading from the volume "Echo des Jahrhunderts".

On Opening Evening (13th april) nearly 1.000 people visited the exhibition and the performances. At the location Klagenfurt totally 8.000 people visited the “Lange Nacht der Forschung”, which was advertised online throughout Austria and in Carinthia in a printed program too.

The multimedia installations in the exhibition showed the artistic and ethnographic approaches of the project: Students' posters of Applied Cultural Studies on their researches in Görtschitztal
*** Selfies of young people from Görtschitztal
*** Artistic photographs on LANDSCHAFT & MENSCHEN by Arnold Pöschl
*** photo-stretch as fieldnotes taken by the ethnographers Ute Holfelder, Barbara Maier, Arnold Pöschl and Klaus Schönberger
*** artworks by Werner Hofmeister and artifacts from Museum of Quellenkultur
*** ISAVIKTORIA-ein Film by Camilla Peball
*** MEIN GÖRTSCHITZTAL, sound collage with Interview-Sounds by Niki Meixner
*** UNSICHTBARES TAL, sound installation on the base of field recordings by Zahra Mani
*** DIE GÖRTSCHITZ by David Mase

The Exhibition was curated by Barbara Maier (Kulturagenden / Wissen schafft Kunst an der AAU) based on the conception of the Klagenfurt Team: Ute Holfelder, Barbara Maier, David Mase, Roland W. Peball, Arnold Pöschl, Klaus Schönberger und Nadine Thaler.

The exhibition GOING GÖRTSCHITZ was created in the subproject "Selfies in the Görtschitztal", it was funded by the Institute for Cultural Analysis, WISSEN SCHAFFT KUNST and the ECHOES-Project.

Some more informations on the project and exhibition in german and slovenian language:
Kleine Zeitung, 28.4.2018:" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Junge prägen neues Bild


Video report by Hannah Reichmann, Nina Weberhofer and Friedel Hans.
An ethnographic-artistic exploration of the Carinthian Görtschitztal + exhibition 13.4-5.5.2018 + project presentations with Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka (music performance), with Lojze Wieser (book presentation) and multimedia installations by UNI contributors as well as several interviews on site with visitors to the exhibition "GOING Görtschitz ".
Copyright and DVD by

Radio Agora, Klagenfurt, 26.4. &1.5.2018 in slovenian language: (Mp3 seperately)

The Exhibition was supported by EACEA and AAA in the context of Echoes from Invisible Landscapes.

View Press Sheet Going Gortschitz


October 14, 2017

SAJETA Photo Workshop

July 29, 2017

SAJETA Festival 2017

July 09, 2017

Görtschitztal Echoes

January 11, 2017

The team of Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt conducts a field research project in the polluted landscape of Görtschitztal, where soil and cattle fodder were contaminated by waste from local factories. One aim of the project is to retrieve images of Görtschitztal which go beyond that of the "poisoned valley", which dominate the media reports. At the moment we gather data relating to the inside- and outside-perceptions of the echoes of this "hidden landscape". Together with students of Klagenfurt University we made fieldtrips and interviewed inhabitants of Görtschitztal to learn more about their point of view. First results will be presented in our workshop in February 2017.

KLANGFEST Echoes the sound of Europe

November 02, 2016

This autumn's Klangfest was held from 28 to 30 October and is dedicated to "The Sound of Europe". It is part of the project entitled "ECHOES FROM INVISIBLE LANDSCAPES“.
Enterprise Z's first contribution to this initiative is the project "The Sound of Europe" at Klanghaus Untergreith, where sounds, tones and noise were collected on a trip across Europe and compiled to form a sound map of the continent. These recordings made in cities including, among others, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bucharest, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Lisbon and Brussels reflect the cultural and social diversity of Europe. One central aim of this collection of sounds was to locate artistic and cultural activities that are largely undiscovered and thus "invisible".

"The Sound of Europe" is a sound installation that will be presented at the Sound Gallery of Klanghaus on the three festival days. Artists and creatives who entered into resonance on these trips will present their work. The Klanghaus lends itself as the resonating body that amplifies the echoes generated by the agents of cultural reflection and making them heard across geographic regional borders.


July 29, 2016

Echoes from invisible landscapes was presented at Sajeta Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia, in July 2016.


When? July 17, 2016 at 21.00h

Via the Internet worldwide

Live Stream:; Radio Agora (audio), Radio Študent (audio), KATV Tolmin

Javorca – Resurrection, the audio-visual performance by Bratko Bibič will happen in the memorial church of Holy Spirit in Javorca on Sunday, 17. July 2016 at 21:00. The event is part of the international project Echoes from Invisible Landscapes. The artwork will be broadcasted live on the website, but you can also experience the event at one of the projection sites, where the performance will be screened on the big screen: Creative Camp Sajeta (Sotočje-Tolmin), Center of Urban Culture Kino Šiška (Ljubljana), Last Museum of Contemporary Art (Logje), Village center (Labor), Trg Zmage (Piazza Vittoria) /Corte Bombi (Gorizia), RAJ-Badgasse 7 - Celovec (Klagenfurt), Trg pr'Špini (Izola).

The artwork was done in cooperation with many musicians and visual artists from different parts of Europe: Austria, Portugal, Serbia and Slovenia. The event in Javorca will bring together artists from the wide spectrum of genres and with the background in traditional and experimental artistic methods. They will commemorate and rearticulate the theme of the First World War. They present it as the Great War, which ends all wars. At the same time, they use the motives of the Isonzo Front and its south-eastern part of the valley, the memorial church of the Holy Spirit and the canyon of the river Tolminka. Viewers will be encouraged to explore the issue of war in the modern era as "the height of civilization" and are invited to celebrate our wonderful Tolmin Valley.

The instrumental concert with vocal pieces, composed and performed by Paul Schubert, Samo Kutin, Jelena Popržan, Ana Kravanja, Vid Drašler and the local vocal group Javorca, will be performed and filmed in the church of Holy Spirit In Javorca (Polog-Tolmin), with previously recorded, compiled, designed and animated visuals created by Eduardo Raon, Miroslav Sretenović aka Izvanredni Bob and Mark A. Kovačič. The experience of audio-visual performance will only be possible via the internet.

Bez anastezije

June 07, 2016

Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka presented Echoes from invisible landscapes live on Radio Pula with presenter Natasa Petric.

The two-hour programme combining live duo performances, interviews and project descriptions provided a multi-lingual (Croatian, English, Italian and German) opportunity to present Echoes as a new European network in the Alp Adriatic region, describing the collaboration between partners, the involvement of local, regional, national and border-crossing networks and the support of the European Union in an ongoing process of shaping and developing the concept and realisation of European cultural initiatives.

Klangfest Kruzni Tok

June 02, 2016

Klangfest Kruzni Tok was a collaboration between Enterprise Z and Mani d.o.o. and the first public presentation of the Echoes collective.

Local and international musicians, performers and poets were invited to come together in the rural ambience of Hrelji 45 and develop and present their work, engaging with various layers of landscape, metaphor and interpretation.

With Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya, Sofia Härdig, Mia Zabelka, Saffronkeira, Dragic Rajcic, Zahra Mani, Thomas Köner, Ido Bukelmann and Livio Morosin.

Echoes meetings

March 11, 2016

Mani d.o.o. has taken on the task of bringing the Echo Collective together in a series of creative, curatorial, conceptual and organisational meetings at regular intervals throughout the project.

Echoes partners meet in a focussed yet relaxed atmosphere to meet as a team; to present work and ideas related to the project; to develop new levels of exchange within and beyond the Echoes network, exploiting one another's expertise and contacts; to collate documentation and artefacts pertaining to realised projects and activities; and to plan upcoming work with renewed, deepened reference to the original concept underlying the Echoes initiative, re-defining and clarifying the project in its organic growth over time.