Echoes on the road/echoes from the Alps-adriatic region is one of Enterprise Z’s major contributions to the smaller scale cooperation project “Echoes from Invisible Landscapes”, 2016 – 2018, co-financed by the EACEA.

Klanghaus Untergreith in South Styria is an international center for sound art and intermedia projects, organised by Enterprise Z.

Our interpretation of the invisible landscapes are the sounds of the Alps-Adriatic region. We are collecting sounds, which are very typical, specific items / signals of the area, for example the sounds of Klapotetze in South Styria or the special dialects in Carinthia.
An especially for this project developed interactive sound map makes the sounds related to the locations, where we have found them, hearable.

Sound and performance artists are invited to participate in the project, develop and present on the basis of the collected sounds sound performances, installations and intermedia projects. Thus, they create Echoes from the Invisible Landscapes, a new reflection or interpretation of the cultural heritage of the Alps-Adriatic region.

In the project ECHOES ON THE ROAD, the artists bring back the collected ‘echoes’ to the places in the Alps Adriatic region, where the sounds were found. They present to audiences in the public spaces sound installations, sound performances and intermedia projects, which they have developed on the basis of the collected sounds. They travel in camping buses specially rented for this project through Styria, Carinthia, Slovenia and Istria. Thus, they bring back the sounds to the inhabitants of the Alps Adriatic region, in new developed forms, therefore creating new resonances of the collected echoes. In the sense of the audience development, completely new audiences can be reached on the road. The artists enter into dialogue with the audience during the presentations in the public space. In addition to the echoes from invisible landscapes, the project ECHOS ON THE ROAD also creates ‘sound loops’ that run through the Alps Adriatic region and connect its places and its population with the resonances of the echoes transporting the rich diversity, which is reflected in the sounds, of this region.