Echoes Philosophy

September 12, 2017

Strands of identity, places and people are woven together to make up the cultural landscape. These strands leave physical, cultural, individual, emotional, historical, ethnic, linguistic and social traces; traditions, places, memories and forgetting are the fabric of peoples' lives – collective memories woven into the landscape. Art and culture are expressions of people from and in places and traditions that transcend boundaries by being audible, visible, able to be perceived. Lost landscapes, places and traces are subsumed by new social, political, geographic situations but they remain and find new expression in new encounters. Echoes are a form of communication. Artists and researchers are invited to seek these echoes together, to discover and reflect on elements of culture and society, of progress and communities, creativity and separation. These refections give rise to new work, responses to the discovered traces, which generate their own resonances. The project intends, by inviting participants to engage more closely with the hidden layers of their surroundings, to catalyse a subtle movement against the contemporary dominance of individuality and materialism in society, encouraging a shift towards a climate of social tolerance and respect for people and landscapes.