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September 14, 2017

Klaus Schönberger and Ute Holfelder from the cultural analysis division of the University of Klagenfurt, together with Barbara Maier who represents the University in the public sphere are leading the University of Klagenfurt's participation in Echoes. As cultural anthropologists they research cultural heritage, folklore & European Ethnology, combining ethnography with artistic research.

The University of Klagenfurt is a critical research hub in the Alp-Adriatic region, with over 10700 students from 83 countries. 4 faculties cover Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities, Technical Sciences and Management & Economics. These are connected by 7 transdisciplinary research clusters, eg sustainability, education & visual culture. The University of Klagenfurt in general & the Humanities faculty in particular encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, promoting multilingualism & intercultural education, particularly with regard to the local Slovenian minority. The institute for culture, literature & musicology (ICLM) combines languages, cultural theory & cultural management.

The university will focus on echoes in the Görtschitztal region of Carinthia in the wake of the catastrophic events leading up to & ensuing from the poisoning of the landscape in 2014 through chemical waste from a cement factory. Artists & researchers will investigate the repercussions not just for the landscape but particularly for the inhabitants of the region in an academic & artistic series of encounters with the local population. The ethnographic aspect will focus on the inhabitants' self-perception in their native environment, using "selfies" & interviews to explore layers of identity. Artists from the network partners' groups will be invited to explore the landscape, creating new work based on a view from "outside", looking into an affected region & its people, carrying their echoes on in artworks. Exhibitions will be presented in partner countries & the results published in the project book. Focus:  audience participation; art mobility; interdisciplinarity; socio-cultural catalyst.