Wieser Verlag

September 14, 2017

Erika Hornbogner and founder Lojze Wieser are representing Wieser Verlag in Echoes from invisible landscapes.

Wieser Verlag from Klagenfurt/Celovec (Carinthia, Austria) has been building bridges between the East & the West for the last 30 years with its publishing programme. Lojze Wieser has published approximately 1200 books to date, he was the founder of the "Wieser Enyclopaedia of Eastern Europe" & the exceptional series "Europa erlesen" ("reading Europe") anthologies, which include almost 10000 texts by 4000 authors.

Wieser Verlag disseminates Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian & Polish literature in German-speaking countries & has been responsible for seminal translations, creating a platform & opening doors for writers who were not yet known in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Lojze Wieser is deeply committed to the European idea, fostering it through art & language, and in his television series "The Taste of Europe" exploring food & regions, in addition to his active involvement in the cultural forum "Geist und Gegenwart" in Austria.