Zveza Mink Tolmin

September 14, 2017

Sanja Popov-Leban and Janez Leban run Zveza Mink Tolmin and the Sajeta Festival, which takes place every year in July at the confluence (Sotocje) of two rivers in the Soca valley in Slovenia. ​ ZMT is dedicated to boosting the creativity of the young and to provide a place for quality spending of free time, in accordance with their needs  to encouraging original production in the field of science and  to encouraging contacts between young and other artists in other fields; to informing the young about the activities of marginal social groups;  to inform and educate in the sense of tolerance towards difference and the different to encouraging the idea that an individual can get to know the laws of social processes and have an effect on them. ​ Continuous activities of the association Mink include representing cultural, informative, creative, educational and international cooperation practice in the field of musical concerts, art exhibitions, and film. The general aim and vision of Mink is the empowerment and optimization of cultural and social capital within the context of a region characterized by poor mobility infrastructure due to the geographic location. We counteract this infrastructure by inviting international artists to the region. We try to counteract population decrease & conservative social beliefs by bringing a “stream of difference” into the region focussing on a strong educational purpose for all inhabitants.  All our projects foster alternative ways to develop and promote the region by combining contemporary arts with regional rural heritage.